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Ear cropping Bad or Good????

Ear and tail cropping. Why is it done and what was the reason? Bad or Good? These are questions asked quite frequently. Historically these dogs are the resurrected Ancient Molossus from 5000 BC. These are the earliest large framed guard dogs with cropped ears and tails. The ears were cropped and tails were cropped at that time to prepare them for combat and fighting with humans and other animals that could grab hold and have a n advantage over them. At this time these animals were the main line of defense for people of the villages while the men/ soldiers were away. Over the centuries their descendants and other dogs too have been cropped for similar reasons. The procedure was mainly for protection against other animals whether fighting or hunting. Dogs such as Great Danes, Bull Terriers, Doberman Pinschers and Rottweiler’s. This practice has been done for thousands of years and continues even today. To see a dog that resembles history and has been cropped correctly in the old traditional style has tremendous impact when you see it and would offer the same protection for the dogs today as it did them. Freeing them from another animal or dog latching on and giving advantage to them in combat. An example would be while hunting boar, protecting against a bear etc. An additional reason was and is still is for improved hearing. These dogs are guard dogs and the main function is for protection. Being able to hear is imperative to your safety and having cropped ears drastically improves their ability to hear and protect. Another reason cropping is done besides the historical element as well as protection but for health. As these dogs have been bred for decades and in some cases hundreds of years, the type of ear and style of the ear wasn't given much thought as ears were almost cropped. Because of this, the ears can be very long and very thick leaving dogs prone to yeast infections and chronic ear infections. Whether the effort of historic accuracy, protection or for health, the ear and tail crops still exist and now you have a few facts about the origins of it and the benefits of it then and now. I hope to see you in the ring one day. :-).


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