Heat and dogs, watch out...

Heat and the American Molossus. American Molossus due to their snub nose and dark coats can live in the heat but don’t tolerate heat very well. If you are in climates that can get above 85 degrees, it’s important to have the below items

  1. Plenty of shade

  2. Fresh cold water

  3. An AC unit, fans or misters available to allow them to stay cool if needed

If you are going to exercise them. Take them for a walk, breed or show them on days in excess of 85 degrees, try to limit it to early morning or evenings. Do not leave them in a car in heat. If you take them to a dog show or park be sure to have plenty of cool water and shade for them. Try to not have them for any long duration in direct sunlight.

Signs of a heat stroke and what to look for.

Excessive panting, drooling, disoriented, gasping, breathing hard like a roar, foam in the mouth, the tongue protruding out and very red, lethargy or weak are all signs of heat stroke or the beginning signs of it. Should you see any of these signs, contact a licensed vet immediately. Always contact a licensed Veterinarian first but here are a few tips to help.

1. Wet your dog down especially the underside and belly as well as their paw pads

2. Have them consume cool water but do not force it down

3. If available lay them on a bag of ice and place ice on their rectum

4. Use a plastic bottle to clear their airway and put lemon juice in their mouth to clear out the foam and clear the airway to breathe

5. Apply rubbing alcohol on the skin as a cooling agent

6. If available give an IV

In the event you have done all of this and the temperature doesn’t come down, take them to the vet asap safely and try to continue these tips.

A drop of prevention is always better than a pound of cure so in temperatures above 85 degrees, be aware and be safe.

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