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"The Atlantean Sword"

Basil Poledouris 


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American Molossus breedings planned

for American Molossus   puppies


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Greatness starts with choosing the right pair for breeding by getting the very best in our long line and incorporating the best in the world to preserve the great traits of the two Mastinos/Mastiffs/Molossus, and both building on what's consistant strengths and improving on weakness. Each breeding pair below is the right pair, carefully selected with great thought and vision behind each one. Keeping the most important attributes such as health, build, construction, function and guarding ability with an eye on the future and always looking to improve.

Each breeding is very special and was selected to give you the very best American Molossus. See below and choose. You wont go wrong on any of the pairs below.

May God bless these breedings...

Any questions contact me at 909 801-4713

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What you can expect Huge, massive dogs with large bones, square heads, great loyal companions and great guardians


Monstro 1-13-23 pic 1_edited.jpg
Kishar 20 months pic 1_edited.jpg

Old World Kishar


Old World

Old World



2 years



28 inch

Old World Monstro

Pups Born December 17th 2023
Pedigree Highlights
-Old World-  -Dello Stradone--Castellaccio-      -OEM-        


to be Bred 12-1- 2023

Old World Monstro

Old World Lagitha

Monstro 1-13-23 pic 1_edited.jpg

Dark Mountain Atu

Old World Hershey

To be bred January 2024

Atu 12-21_edited.jpg
Old World Hershey pic 2.jpg

To be bred September 2020



Pups born February 20th 2024


Old World Zena

Old World Zena_edited.jpg
Atu 12-21_edited.jpg
Elvira 22 months 12-1-22_edited_edited.jpg

Old World Elvira

Grizzly Molossus

To be Bred November 2023

Monstro 1-13-23 pic 1_edited.jpg
Opal Long 8-2-23.jpeg

Old World Monstro

Old World Opal Long

Born October 1st 2023
Pick female available


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Get on the waiting list and send deposit by clicking on the button above








Puppies born from Old World Monstro x Old World Kishar______

Born 12-17-2023

1. Male $6500 available

2. Male $6500 Availoable

Puppies from Atu x Zena

Born 2-24

1. Male Jaiden

2. Male 

3. Male 

4. Male

5. Male

1. Female Eugenio

2. Female Roger

3. Female




1. Roger Clarke Jr (Male) Hogan and Kate

3. Beth Votah Deposit

4. Archie Brathwaite Deposit

5. Nathan Thompson (Female) Deposit

6. Keith McGehee (Male) Deposit

7.Christian Schoenbeck (Female) Deposit

8. Adam Deering unkown Deposit

9. Coi Moore (Male) no deposit

10. Shirley Richardson (Male) $750 Deposit end of 2021

American Molossus

As of 6-7-2020 American Molossus puppies are $6,500


To get on this waiting list, please read the puppy information on the puppies page and then send your $650 deposit by clicking on the button below. It's fast and easy.






    All Deposits are non-refundable including any additional amounts paid above the initial $650

Final payments cannot be done via PayPal but must be direct deposit, wire, Zelle or moneygram



All breedings subject to change based on availability. American Molossus are Black, black brindle or brindle only recessive genes on rare occasion




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