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There is no better compliment then a truly happy client taking the time out of their busy life to share a testimonial for future clients. It is an honor to be your breeder of choice and to share our love and passion with you.

Testimonial by MMA Heavy weight Champion and Actor Bob "The Beast" Sapp
Old World Lurch and Ashley G 3-10-2020.j

I started looking into these dogs as soon as my DDB died.... my heart was broken and I was looking into another mastiff. I happened upon Old World Molossus and spoke to Marcus and never looked back! Best decision EVER! Lurch is a strong, confident, sweet, loving protector and is seriously the smartest dog I've owned. I have my soulmate in dog form

-Ashley G. Owner of Midwest Monsters

Old World Marduk 1 year 3-14-2020.jpg

Just wanted to say we are honored to be a part of the Real American Molossus Team. Marcus E Curtis has been breeding dogs for over 20 years. You did your homework extensively on this Molossus breed and we want to thank you from our hearts for all your hard work

-Vince and Theresa Petterez


Marcus we can't thank you enough. Our boy is everything we hoped for and more. He is smart, loving, and very protective. He is both fierce and beautiful at the same time. Thank you for guiding us through the whole process and helping us pick the perfect choice for our family.

-Michael Rizzo


Dear Marcus and Yvette, 

I can't begin to explain how great it has been working with Marcus. From the Initial phone call to now. The process of getting our pup Old World Voodoo for a couple months and I still speak with Marcus. I feel like family not a customer. He loves seeing pics of our pup and watching him grow with us. I've never had this experience with other breeders. He truly cares about each and every pup and the families they go to. That shows how passionate he is about the breed. Not only have me and the kids fallen in love with the pup, but he has made a dog lover out of my wife. Trust me, before we had him .she was not a dog person. Marcus, thank you again for the happiness you have brought to my family and thank you for allowing us into the American Molossus family


-Joe D.


I would love to start this by saying that I couldn't be happier with the purchases of my Old World pups (Mystery and Baby Face Nelson)!! Getting our furbabies from Marcus was a GREAT experience!! Since day one Marcus has always been helpful, kind, and caring. I couldn't have asked for more!! I am forever grateful to him as these puppies are now a part of our family and they have brought so much love to my heart and to my family, beyond words can ever describe!

I would definitely purchase from Marcus again!

Best regards,

Orchid-Inland Empire Mastinos


We absolutely love our American Molossus. She behaves exactly like Marcus described his vision for the perfect close quarter guardian. She is calm during her "exam". Old World Medusa is a natural fit for our family. This is our Breed for life.

-Nina H.




I wanted to send you a note to say "Thank You" and let you know how great our experience was with you. You followed through and delivered well during a very tough time in the world's history. All things happen for a reason and timing was great to have him join our family. 


Our pup is wonderful! He looks great and is adjusting really well. From his coat to his structure, it is amazing. We are fortunate to be part of the Old World family. I will continue sending you pics.


I am happy to give a longer testimonial if it is helpful to you anytime.


I appreciate the excellent process with you from start to finish.


Sincerely, Will

Will White

Greg Hermes.jpg

I met Mr Marcus E Curtis 3 years ago. I became very fascinated with this young Man after a phone call talking dogs. He was recreating an old guard dog of days gone by. I just want to say this Man is full Dreams that he brought to this world. He is honest and trustworthy. This old existing breed is truly amazing. So much so I have picked up a couple. I couldn't be happier. I just want to say my hats off to this remarkable person. God bless him and his family. Thank you Marcus E Curtis

 -The legendary Greg Hermes of Hermes Molossus and the founder and creator of the Hermes Bulldogue


Old World Molossus produces some of the best pups in the World. I own Old World Lily. Anytime I need advice on my AM, Marcus is always there to help in any way. Owning Lily has given me a whole new extended family. I highly recommend Marcus and Old World Molossus for your next family member.

-Jamie W.


I have always had a love for animals, when my kids were little, I always took in the strays.. A blind calf, many birds and even an abandoned fawn... But my love for the large breed dog came in the form of Bailey, my beautiful English Mastiff... Bailey... Forever loyal, always my protector and a sister to my human kids. She traveled with me everywhere and showed me what the breed was all about.

After Bailey came Raven and Hercules, I was never happier than with my house full of Mastiffs... At a point, when I knew I was going to lose Bailey, I had to come to terms with knowing that the emptiness she was going to leave upon her passing was too big to measure...

I began doing research, knowing I wanted another big dog, I came across the Mollosus, the literal "mother" of the Mastiff breeds! I read about them and was intrigued by their ancient history!! I looked up breeders and found only two of them!! I then worked on which was the best breeder for me, (really the best breeder period). A few weeks later my daughter and I contacted Marcus to hopefully get on a waiting list, I was thrilled to find he had two females nearly ready to go!! I sent the payment and set upon the task of choosing which one I wanted/needed in my life. Marcus was amazing, he spoke to me on the phone several times, he explained temperament, parents history, behavior patterns, literally everything. He was so patient with me, two weeks I went back and forth as to which one I wanted. Brindle reverse brindle ugh it was an agonizing decision! But he stuck by me through it all, even the ever annoying questions. Everything about purchasing Asker was easy, from payment to communication to transport... Knowing how much he loved his animals was a comfort.

Then the day finally came!! She is home!! She is everything and more I was told she would be! I recommend Marcus and his dogs fully!!

-Windy M.

Testimonial by World famous fitness guru and motivational speaker Peter N. and his Old World pup 17 month Old World Domiano

Zane and Courtney with their Old World pup

Old World Giacomo 3-8-2020 owned by Bill

Old World Giacomo at 15 weeks thanks to Marcus and Old World Molossus…… Very Professional and caring about their clients...….couldn't be happier...….

-Bill R.


Our family has always loved large breed dogs and has spent years searching for a quality mastiff. After finding Old World Mastinos we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for. Marcus has created a beautiful line of Neapolitans that produces consistent results with perfect size and structure. We were a little bit nervous about buying a dog online, especially one from a different state, as we had never done anything like that before and the process seemed intimidating. Marcus is very professional and was there for us for every step, from picking our puppy to shipping, and was very helpful with all the questions we threw his way with a prompt response every time. We have now had our big girl Lilith for going on four years and she has been a perfect fit in our family. She has an amazing temperament, she is submissive and friendly with family members and dominant towards strangers until she knows they pose no threat. We recently decided we wanted to expand our family so it was an obvious choice to reach out to Marcus once again for his expertise. With his help in finding the perfect stud, we are now expecting our own litter of Neos! We couldn’t be more grateful for your help Marcus! Thanks again!

-Erika H. and Family

Dear Marcus and Yvette, 


  Just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been purchasing our first neapolitan mastiff from Oldworld Mastinos. I have been looking into this wonderful breed on and off for about 5 years but never pulled the trigger on getting one. My wife somehow stumbles upon some pics of Neos online and tells me how much she loves the way they look and wants one someday. Then one day going to a AKC show i park right next to you guys and saw Don Vito.. and said WOOOWWW !!. Right then i knew i would get one someday. Well you guys have made that someday sooner than later. You guys were very knowledgeable about the breed and very welcoming to answering any questions about the mastinos and i can tell you both have a deep deep passion for these dogs and truly love the breed. I also thank you for allowing us to visit your home to see the quality of your  dogs in person and showing them at different ages from puppy to young dog and to full grown adult. Not only do they have great pedigrees from some of the greatest dogs in the breed but to see them in person shows the quality of your stock and what great temperaments they have. After several conversations with you guys i was convinced i will get my first neo puppy from Oldworld and i didn't even need to talk to anybody else. I have been into competing with dogs for quite some time and have dealt with many breeders and have imported dogs from different countries and i must say from all my years dealing with dog people you guys have been the coolest, most helpful and kindest people to work with. I would recommend you guys to anybody that is interested in getting a high quality neo mastiff puppy ! 


-Joe F.

Testimonial by Neapolitan Mastiff breeder Lakes Blue Mastinos

Testimonial by established Italian Breeder Felice N. of Di Napoli Mastinos

Dear Marcus,

Three years ago I began my hunt for a Neapolitan Mastiff breeder. I have had other Mastiffs but this time I really wanted to take the time to find the perfect match for our family. I was fortunate enough to find Old World Mastinos. Your knowledge and passion for producing healthy, beautiful dogs is unsurpassed. We were thrilled when we received Cleopatra, sister to Don Vito. She is truly a magnificent gift to our family. She is so sweet, beautiful and big! We love every inch of her. We cannot thank you enough for always being accessible and caring about the dogs you place. She is our beloved pet but also incredible Old World Mastino. We are so proud of her!

Daria K

My husband and I found Old World Mastinos almost 2 years ago when we were looking to import a dog into New Zealand, the process to import into New Zealand is extremely hard but with Marcus  ongoing support and help he made it possible. He has always been available to give knowledge and expertise whenever I have needed him, everytime I email or phone he responds straight away.  His dogs are world class we are the proud new owners of Old World Ren and are eagerly awaiting another Old World Mastinos dog.  I HIGHLY recommend dealing with Old World Mastino’s!!!

Thank you Marcus, I am proud to be part of the Old World Mastinos family J


After a lot of re-search and the passing of our 1st Mastino We came across old worlds website and decided to put down a deposit on a old world female. The whole process was simple. Through email and phone calls Marcus was great and addressed every concern we had. He was very professional. My family and I picked our female up last August. We named her Amelia. Old world changed our family forever and we are extremely proud and so grateful for our pup and we couldn't imagine our life without her. We would highly recommend old world Mastinos to anyone. Thank you Marcus!


Camron M

Testimonial for oldworldmastinos Marcus...On behalf of me and my family including my dogs, Marcus Curtis has not only been knowledgeable about Neapolitan Mastiffs but has also taken up a friendship with us. I have been a Mastiff lover for 15 years, and have owned a total of 6 of them. I started with backyard bred dogs but over years of looking and saving up money is when I stumbled into the internet and finding Marcus on his website oldworldmastinos. I wish I would have met him a long time before that because the knowledge it took me 15 years to gain , Marcus could have explained to me in a day. Marcus is very knowledgeable about the mastiff breed and I would say about dogs in general. I have talked to a number of breeders prior to him and they were also pretty knowledgeable but Marcus went above and beyond to make sure the dog I was purchasing from him is what I wanted. Over a five-year span Marcus and I have become pretty good friends and I have been to his home a number of times. Marcus and his wife Yvette have shown me nothing but hospitality and kindness. From day one Marcus has told me that his line would be open 24/7 for any information needed about my then new dog and even the dog I had at home. Well the time arose when I was having technicalities with breeding and sure enough Marcus was right by my side and walked me through things day or night.. My attempts of breeding during the past five years have had some ups and downs, through the ups he has only wished me the best of success.... through the downs , he always gives me the best of advice and gives me the confidence to pick myself up and never give up. Through a couple of other people I know who deal with Marcus they have all said the same things about him. He has taught me so much from handling my dog to basically teaching me how to be a vet LOL.. I highly recommend Marcus oldworldmastinos if you're looking for a Neo. He's an awesome dude and great guy all around!

Dave R

I love Bengashe and I love Old World... I have admired many though... You aren't outclassed by any... You are I am sure will go down in the books as The Mastinari in Americas, which is never any easy title to attain, with the attitudes in the breed... I'm sure I am not the first to respect the life's work... Very Awesome Work!!!

Michael Hinshaw-

Video testimonial by Mastinos Del Manicomio

I just want to take a moment to thank Marcus Curtis and his lovely bride for our amazing Old World experience! I waited for this amazing boy for over a year....every second was worth it. I lost my best friend Dozer about 18 months ago...he was 200lbs+ English and he followed me every where; we were buds. I waited 6 months and finally decided I was ready. I researched for weeks on line. When I found Old World Mastinos I knew I had found the perfect breeder--man was I right. I traded emails with Marcus and knew right away, in dealing with this professional and knowledgeable guy, that this was where I wanted to get my new pal. Throughout the process, he stayed in contact with me and offered a personal touch. When our litter was finally born, Marcus contacted me right away and told me my pup was born. They posted pics and videos every day! Through the convenient updates, the personal touch, and the selection process....all the way to my amazing pup arriving last night (100% safe and sound), I was 1000% impressed! I haven't even mentioned the quality of the puppy, from temperament to standards, he is everything I wanted. As you can see, it has been love at first sight! Thank you Marcus!!!!!!

Daniel D.-

I love this little booger more than anything!


We want to thank you and Yvette  so very much for everything that you guys have done for us.  From finding your website to staying in contact with us, answering any questions that we've had and preparing us for the day to come. Also by allowing  us to go to your home and pick up our new baby boy has been the most wonderful experience that we've ever had. He is an amazing puppy and has exceeded our expectations.


Thank you for filling our home with so much love and joy!


Much love and respect,


Francine & Matthew W.

I just want to take the time to thank Marcus Curtis from Old World Mastino for this beautiful Mastino puppy. You are truly the image of what all breeders should stand for in there program. You have really shown me through your hard work and dedication what it takes to be one of the best breeders. I am truly honored to have my foundation male come from you brother. You keep up the good work

Sir with the help of your videos and maintaining the puppy.. I am very improved my last litter puppies sir.. i am very happy sir...
I am very happy sir because of your dedication and also make the peoples to make success in breeding and raising the puppy well sir
-Praveen Arokiya Raj

My husband and I found Old World Mastinos almost 2 years ago when we were looking to import a dog into New Zealand, the process to import into New Zealand is extremely hard but with Marcus  ongoing support and help he made it possible. He has always been available to give knowledge and expertise whenever I have needed him, everytime I email or phone he responds straight away.  His dogs are world class we are the proud new owners of Old World Ren and are eagerly awaiting another Old World Mastinos dog.  I HIGHLY recommend dealing with Old World Mastino’s!!!

Thank you Marcus, I am proud to be part of the Old World Mastinos family J

-Alana West Coast Mastinos (NEW ZEALAND)

This is J Howser . My Beautiful wife Rebecca and I are the Owner/Operators of the infamous Dark Mountain Molossus. Since I was boy I've been in love with big dogs. They fascinated me and even frightened me a little which stirred a great excitement and curiosity inside of me.
Rebecca and myself began doing rescue work for the large bully breeds and over the years we've rescued, owned and loved Cane Corsos, Presa Canarios, APBTs, American Bulldogs, Neos and more. Our fondness for the Neopolitan Mastiff is how we came to meet Marcus and Yvette Curtis.
We found Old World Molossus after many months of researching the best breeders and looking at hundreds of different dogs we fell in love with none other than the world famous Don Vito.
Marcus and I hit it off instantly after expressing our passions about breeding these massive guardians. It was then that he explained to me that Don Vito is actually a registered American Molossus. My curiosity peeked. The rest is history.
Marcus and Yvette Curtis have truly resurrected an ancient breed and we at Dark Mountain Molossus are indeed grateful to be a part of this historical endeavor. Our Old World Euphrates is the daughter of the great Don Vito and the foundation of our own American Molossus Breeding program. She is magnificent. Special thanks to our remarkable friends Marcus and Yvette Curtis. We love you guys.

With Respect and High Regards,

Dark Mountain Molossus.

Jay Howser

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