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Avoid Puppy scammers

How to avoid a scam buying a puppy online Top Ten

1.Look for a reputable breeder Make sure they are established, have a website and are legitimate

2. Talk to the Breeder The breeder should have a legitimate number with the correct area code for their location and will answer and talk with you. If they won’t talk on the phone and avoid it only wanting to use email or text, that’s a reflag

3. Visit the breeder- If at all possible, try to meet the breeder in person. A true reputable breeder will welcome that and it is a great opportunity for you to see the parents and pups in person.

In many cases, quality dogs aren’t close but a facetime video works well too

4. They should be able to provide good quality photos of the puppy(s) and the parents. This is a clear sign that the breeder is real as they have access to both parents and puppies instead of just one low quality picture of a puppy

5.Sketchy payments- another red flag is asking for payment via Western Union or Money gram. Legitimate breeders should be able to accept payments via direct wire with all of their information matching with the bank, PayPal with buyer protection or able to accept money orders or cashier’s checks in their name not someone else’s name

6. Price is too good to be true- This is the number one red flag. If the price is too good to be true 99% of the time it is. For a high caliber puppy that has amazing parents, is of high quality matching the breed standard and has a health guarantee is not going to be cheap and it shouldn’t be. Your hard earned money counts so invest it wisely

7. The breeder should be knowledgeable- If you contact the breeder, the breeder should be able to discuss the breed its standard and characteristics. Ask questions about the breed, you’ll learn a lot about the breeder this way

8. Avoid free classified- This is a place where scammers live. Free postings are too easy for these guys to post bogus ads and not have to give real information. Quality is never free

9.Testimonials- Any reputable breeder will have testimonials, look on their site for these or ask for references

10. Contracts- Your legal written protection. A good breeder will have a contract detailing the purchase and the guarantees. This is paramount and a must.


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