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How to STOP Food aggression in Dogs

How to stop food aggression is our topic of the day. Before we dive in, Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Youtube at American Molossus as well as Old World Molossus and pick up my Book Dog Breeding Secrets by Marcus E Curtis on

So this question I have been asked many times and it’s a great topic to cover. How to stop food aggression? The best way is to stop it before it ever happens. Once you get your puppy behaviors start early so this is a great time to teach your puppy food eating etiquette early. The best way to do this is by teaching your puppy to sit or stay before getting their food and by giving them their food little at a time by hand and praising them and showing them love.

This is important as it shows them that you are in control, they should be in control before eating and that eating is done with love and kindness and having you involved is a good thing.

Another good technique is to put the food in the bowl with your hands and let them eat while your hands in the bowl. Again show them love and praise them while doing so.

You also can pick up the bowl and move to another location giving them a command to sit before giving them there food and then praising and feeding.

Encourage others to pet and handle your puppy’s food and show affection when doing so. He or she will quickly learn that feeding time is a good thing, they are surrounded by a loving family and that eating around and with people is a good thing.

What happens if your dog is older and food aggressive? There are 2 ways to train your dog out of this behavior.

The first thing you need to understand is that any behavior good or bad is learned and anything learned if 1 thing is learned, other behaviors can be learned as well.

The first technique will require a leash, collar, dog bowl with food that can be elevated. Before feeding your dog, show them love, be positive, happy and give off good energy so they learn this prior to a feeding. 2nd Teach them to obey your command of sit so you are establishing control and they are learning patience and control before feeding. Next, place the bowl of food in an elevated place so it will slow down how fast they will eat and position your dog out of a dominant position. Once your dog is in a sit command and the bowl is placed in an elevated position, take the leash and allow them to slowly go to their food and eat. Teach the command leave it and walk them away from their food before they finish. When they listen, praise them and give them a treat. Command them to sit and then repeat this process. What you are doing with this technique is teaching your dog several things 1. Patience 2. You’re in control and they can eat once they are under control 3. They are reconditioned to eat in a non-dominant position 4. If they leave their food, its ok and 5. If they leave their food, it will not disappear or be taken. This technique is very effective but depending on different dogs some take more training than others. Consistency and patience is required.

The 2nd technique is to teach your dog through positive reinforcement, redirecting and using treats. With this technique, you will need their dog bowl, dry kibble and some yummy treats preferably food treats that they love.

So with this technique you will place their bowl of dry kibble on the ground. You then will let them start eating then call them to you. Once they come you praise them and give them a treat. You then put a treat on the ground away from their food bowl to distract them, as they eat it, praise them and pick up their dog bowl. Once you have their dog bowl, you command them to sit. Once they sit, praise them and give them a treat and them give them their food bowl back. At this time you are teaching them like in the first technique who’s in control, they can eat once under control and the food is not being taken away or disappearing.

Do his technique several times before attempting to take the bowl away without command and giving a treat. Once you feel your dog clearly is understanding and learning, try to remove the bowl without treat distraction. If you are successful and your dog allowed you to take the bowl, praise him or her big time and give them a treat for a reward. This will teach them that eating and sharing is a good thing. Some dogs this will not happen right away so you must continue the steps again, and again, and again until they learn the process. Remember like in the first technique, patience and persistence is a must.

I hope this is helpful. Remember, its best to start teaching your puppy early. Its much easier and better for both your puppy and you and your family.

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