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The Heat is on... Knowing when your dog is in Heat

How to know when your dog is in Heat. It's a question frequently asked and it's the subjectof this blog. On average female canines go into heat twice a year. On rare occasion some females can go into heat one time a year or can have silent heats. When a female comes into heat, this is the time where she is going through I cycle in which on the peak time, can be bred to reproduce more puppies. The first heat a female will have is usually between 6-12 months and is too young and should not be bred. There are many discussions and opinions on when is the best time to start breeding a female if you choose to do so and much of this is covered in my Book Dog Breedings Secrets by Marcus E Curtis.Today will only be discussing how to tell when they are in heat. The first sign is swelling of the vulva or seeing them lick there. Another sign is if you have a male dog that begins to sniff her execessively. The other sign is drops of blood. All of these are signs of the start of her heat. This will continue and the entire process is 10-22 days. All females are different but that is the average time frame. If you think they are but there are no obvious signs, you can use a swab in the vaginal area to look for blood, have then examined by a licensed vet or can even go as far as having a progesterone test performed. Whether you are looking to learn to avoid a breeding, looking to perform a breeding or just were curious to know, I hope this blog was helpful. To see future blogs and past blogs please check us out at and please share.You can follow us on instagram and youtube at American Molossus and Old World Molossus

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