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Canine Good Citizen CGC Cert. ???

Ok so you have your new puppy. That little furry companion has been such a wonderful addition to the home bringing fun, joy, laughter and mischief at the same time. The bond has started and obedience training has been completed. Or has it?

Obedience training is an absolute not optional. It is healthy for your addition, for you and your family. Order and balance is the key and establishing boundary’s is paramount.

There is a wonderful way of testing and certifying your furry friend which is called CGC Canine good citizens . This set of tests is to give the idea that if your dog can abide by and follow all of the 10 steps, they would then be certified as true Canine good citizen that can follow these commands, behave themselves whether among other dogs, their owner or with strangers. These tests and or events are held by organizations such as the AKC, ADF, USBR and with local breed clubs as well.

Below are the 10 Tests

1. Acceptance of a friendly stranger

2. Acceptance of being petted by a (friendly) stranger

3. The dog or puppy accepts inspection or grooming

4. The dog or puppy demonstrates heeling while on a loose lead

5. The dog displays that he can move through a crowd properly

6. The dog or puppy completes a long down or sit

7. The dog or puppy can show he or she can accept other dogs or puppies with politeness with no show of dominance or aggression

8. The dog or puppy shows he or she can calm down after play

9. The dog or puppy can react calmly to sudden events or distractions

10. The dog or puppy shows that he or she can be left alone and they will still show good manners

If your furry friend is going to be a family member for life, then Canine Good Citizen testing would be very fun and rewarding. Along with all the fun, love and joy puppies and dogs bring, the comfort and peace of mind this can bring is fantastic.

All the best,

Marcus E Curtis

Author of Dog Breeding Secrets

Founder of the American Molossus

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