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An ounce of prevention

Is worth more than a pound of cure- Benjamin Franklin

Now that you have a new puppy for sure you will love them, enjoy them, have fun with them etc. but part of love is maintenance. You want to have your puppy clean, looking amazing with a nice shiny coat, perky and smelling good.

Having a puppy suffering from dry or itchy skin, vomiting, hair loss, loss of appetite or diarrhea is no fun and costly. Costly vet bills, drugs, illness and stress can be avoided. With some preventative maintenance, good habits, being observant, common sense and continual care.

In essence live by the golden rule including your pup, treat your dog as you would want to be treated.

Start their day with good quality food-Like humans dogs are what they eat. Good healthy balanced diets are always better for appearance and health over junk food

Check them over daily which includes coat, eyes, mouth, nose and ears- Checking their coat for shine, depth, is important as it can tell you about potential health of your pup, dull coat, hair loss can be signs of something starting to be wrong as well as be on the lookout for fleas and ticks, runny nose and eyes are best caught early and cleaning ears often can prevent yeast and ear infections.

Brush their coat on a regular schedule- This is great for your pup. It removes dead and loose hair, it stimulates new healthy hair growth, stimulates their skin and is enjoyed by your pup

Make sure they have clean fresh water throughout the day- Warm, slimy, dirty water doesn't sound good to us and it isn’t for puppies either. Keeping clean, cool water in their pale will keep them properly hydrated and can avoid upset stomachs and diarrhea.

Keep their environment clean and safe- A clean environment will ensure, sanitation and limit bacteria, disease and other bad elements as well as keeping the environment free of unsafe items such as toys they can possibly swallow, plants that may be poisoness, sharp objects etc.

Getting a veterinary checkup once a year-Getting an overall check by a licensed professional for your puppies overall health is important. They will check them from head to toe and can see how they are. Having a confirmation that your puppy is well and healthy is a huge compliment and is something to be proud of.

Keep them current on their vaccines- This is one that is easy and there is no excuse not to do it. Keeping them free of rabies, Parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, and distemper is something that they need and they are dependent on us for.

It’s always more important and much easier and cost effective to prevent issues that correct them.

I wish you all much health and success. God bless.

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