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Do Dogs have terrible 2's?

Do dogs have terrible 2's like children? The answer is yes in some cases. When a dog is between 12-26 months, in many cases a dog that has been sweet, loving and obedient can start to change. This time can be very unpleasant for both the dog and their family. Understanding that dogs too can have this period and knowing some of the signs can provide a clue of what's going on and how to survive it. An example is a dog lets call him Hercules as a pup was a loving caring dog, friendly, calm and usually quite playful with other dogs and his owners. One day he is called over and doesn't come as he normally does, instead he urinates on the tile and when the leash is put on he gives a small growl. This continued and got worse as well as he would start to bark more, get aggressive with other dogs and would start to damage parts of the home.Many home owners go through this and find fault in themselves or decide the dog was bred wrong or becoming a bad dog. The behavior is an old symptom of Canine terrible 2's. At this time in a young dogs life they are trying to establish the pecking order and looking to show power and dominance. This is not uncommon and it's a time when they are testing the positioning of where they are in your pack. The good news is they almost always out grow this stage.Signs may be 1. Doesn't obey commands 2.Staring 3. Becomes needy 4.Ignores a call 5. Excessive, inapproriate urinating 6. Growling 7. Aggression This time is a trying time and will require patience, understanding and numerous corrections and increase in going througgh obedience commands. This time although shorter in some longer in others is generally 2-6 months. What is the best way to combat or overcome the terrible 2's? Traings and excercise. The best way to show you are the leader of the pack is to restablish your obedience traing that you had them learn as a young puppy. Come, sit, stay, heel etc. You must be persistant and you must have patience. Agreesion and frustration will not help but consistant obedience training will. In the end, no matter the breed, a dogs first trait is to please their master and love and praise is what they crave. Understanding the signs of terribel 2's, knowing the signs and understanding what to do is key. All the best.

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