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So you've decided you want a puppy. Who doesn’t want a cuddly, cute puppy to hold and love. You must remember that puppies do grow up to be adult dogs. Will you be ready for the responsibility of walking, training, caring for the puppy and even potential Vet bills that may come? Getting a puppy is a huge responsibility and not one to take lightly. Understanding your lifestyle and how that puppy will fit in with it and how it will fit in with your lifestyle as an adult are all things to consider. The animal shelters are full of poor dogs that often at no fault of their own were abandoned. When the little cute puppy is now 10 months old and is stubborn to training, they give a growl when told to get off the couch, or drool more than anticipated sadly they can become a casualty. Everyday sadly old Betsy finds themselves in a shelter scared and abandoned because people didn't give enough thought or ask enough questions for this new addition. If you're getting a new puppy questions you need to ask yourself is What kind of lifestyle do I have? What kind of attention will you or your family be able to give? How much room does this puppy as an adult require? Do I have a fenced off yard? Do I have the time to potty train this puppy? Do I have the time to train and socialize my puppy? Am I financially prepared to care for this puppy all its life for the good and bad? Be responsible and take time to think it through first. Puppies are wonderful bundles of joy and can bring so much pleasure and happiness to your lives but it's important to be prepared. Dogs are a Man and Woman's best friend and are the loyal, forgiving and amazing companions for life. It's just good to understand that all breeds are different and not all are perfect for every home and situation. Wishing you all the best. Marcus E Curtis -Old World Molossus - Author of Dog Breeding Secrets - Founder of The American Molossus


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