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Potty training your puppy

House training/ potty training is something everyone must learn to do if you're acquiring a puppy.

All breeds can be different and some are more stubborn than others.

The best way to be successful is to understand your puppy and understand there are different ways to teach your puppy when and where to go potty.

Puppies do not speak your language the same

as you being told something by someone in a foreign language.

It's also important to know young puppies cannot hold their bladders for long periods of time so taking them outside frequently is a must.

The 2 ways to potty train is through correction and repetition and positive reinforced training. The latter is what I prefer and what I will focus on.

Knowing and understanding your puppy and what is needed, I recommend choosing a specific area outside where you would like you puppy to go and start by taking them there on a leash first thing in the morning. Allow them to sniff around and walk till they relieve themselves and praise them vigorously. Tell them great job, use a command word for relieving themselves and show them excitement and love. Puppies and people love praise and excitement so give them a reason to get excited to go potty in that spot and get a reward for good behavior. Next as soon as they are finished with their first meal, repeat. Take them to the designated spot again until they relieve themselves and give the command word and huge praise. do this again frequently throughout the day, after their meals and right before they go to bed. Through huge praise and repetition, this will teach your new addition the correct way to be potty trained and will happen quickly.

Remember, frequency, repetition and high praise are your tools for success.

I hope this tip was helpful and hope we meet one day. Please like, share and follow us on instagram at oldworldmastinos and American Molossus

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