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Dog safety. Keep these away.

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Today’s topic is Dog safety and items to keep away from your puppy and or dog.

Plants- There are actually several. Here is a list but consult a veterinarian for others. They are Ferns, mistletoe, spider plants, oleander, poinsettias and philodendrons.

Children and puppy toys-Toys can be fun for children and puppies but can also be very dangerous. If they can chew off portions of it or if it can be swallowed whole make sure that they are only out under supervision.

Chocolate- Although puppy and doggie treats are encouraged for training chocolate is not one of them. They are a tasty treat for humans but are extremely harmful to puppies and dogs and can even cause death

Medicines and cleaning supplies- These items should always be kept high and locked up. These items if consumed can be deadly. Puppies and dogs are like children, very curious and if they get a hold of these items they will most likely chew on them or consume them.

Food-Human food should be a no no to your puppies and dogs. If they are taught this is ok, they may get into human food that can hurt or kill them such as food thrown in the trash. Chicken and turkey bones if cooked can get lodged in their throat causing choking and can even splinter.

Home and office supplies-Pens, pencils, plastic bags, zip ties, balloons, paper clips, staplers and scissors all can be quite dangerous.

Rat or mouse poison or traps-This is another item that sometimes is forgotten and left out accessible to you puppies or dogs. This too can be deadly. The traps can cause pain and discomfort as well.

Bathroom supplies and toilet cleaners- Cleaning supplies, chemicals and toilet bowl cleansers can be very dangerous as well if drank or ingested. Keep out of reach, locked and toilet lids down.

Table clothes-Beware of table clothes as puppies and dogs can grab a hold and pull bringing potentially heavy or sharp objects down on them causing injury.

Electrical cords-The final one is be aware of electrical cords and plugs. Puppies and young dogs like to chew and this one can lead to serious injury and death as well.

Here is a list of items to keep away from your puppies or dogs and will keep them safe. I hope this list was helpful. Please share, repost and check us out at and on instagram at American Molossus and oldworldmolossus

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