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Shipping of puppies. What to expect.

What is involved with the shipping of a puppy is a common question I get. I hope to share some information that can be helpful.

In few cases a Dog Fancier searches the internet worldwide in search of the perfect puppy from the breeder of choice and it's in the same town. Usually it is out of State and in some cases out of the Country. Should this be the case for you, shipping via airline is the main option.

As scary as that might sound, I can say that if done properly, it's a smooth and safe process for the client, the breeder and especially for the puppy.

How does it work? The breeder will collect all of the clients information for booking of the flight such as the full name, home address and contact number. They will designate an arrival time with you and the airline that is satisfactory and set the date and time. The next step is they will schedule an appointment to have your puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian to ensure your puppy is healthy, sound and ready to fly. This is of extreme importance to you as a client to know your puppy is healthy prior to flight but is certified by a licensed veterinarian as well. This is done within 10 days of flight.

Once your puppy is paid for, the flight is booked and the health check and certification is done, you are all set.

Your puppy will be shipped in a crate. Small enough for them to be confined for comfort but large enough to stand up and turn around. The crates are hard plastic with metals screws, will have zip ties for safety on it and will have a small container for food and water attached to the inside of the crate door as well as have a small clear bag of food on top of the crate. The crate will also have an absorbent material inside to help keep your puppy dry during flight should it have an accident. The absorbent material can be news paper, absorbent cloth, wood chips, puppy pads etc. All the crate guidelines can be seen at the United Pet safe website.

Your puppy is then checked in 2 hours prior to flight and away they go to their new wonderful family.

The breeder will notify you of the arrival time, the airline and location for pick up. Your puppy usually won't be available for 30 minutes after landing. The pickup is generally at the check in counter or in Cargo.

In over 18 years of purchasing and shipping puppies and dogs, I have had not 1 major problem and don't expect any. It's usually a smooth and safe operation.

Some general advice is to make sure you have a photo ID when you pick up you puppy and the name matches the receiver. Do not take your puppy out of the crate at the airport unless it is old enough and has had all vaccinations. Take some food, water and towels with you just in case and allow yourself plenty of time should there be any delays.

I hope this was helpful for you and hope to meet you one day. For more helpful tips go to our bogs page on our site please share and follow us on instagram at oldworldmastinos and AmericanMolossus.

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