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How to get my dog to gain weight

How can I get my dog to gain weight has got to be one of the most frequently asked questions I get. It's definitely something many people want to know so I decided to assist in answering that question.

The first thing I will say is have your dog checked by a licensed veterinarian first to make sure your dog is completely normal and healthy. They can check their stool for worms and parasites, they can check for thyroid issues and other problematic issue that may be leading to your dog being under weight.

The 2nd thing I would ask, is your dog really underweight? Does he/ she have a large tuck up for their breed? Is there ribs showing? Are they really young? Depending on the breed and age, they may be just right for their true confirmation?

The 3rd thing is genetics. This is one thing, you won't be able to change. If the dog was meant to be big, thick and heavier according to their standard but aren't, sometimes genetics play a role in it and although through some tips I am about to share that may help, there is only so much you can do.

Alright, time to get to the good part right? So if you have had your dog thoroughly checked out, they are completely healthy, have too high of a belly tuck and ribs are showing and no matter the genetics, you still want to see your dog add some extra pounds, below are some helpful tips.

1.Check the contents of your current dog food. You may want to invest in a better dog food. Check the calories per cup. Choosing a high grade dog food with higher calories per cup will definitely help.

2. Increase their exercise to stimulate muscle growth and their appetite

3. Increasing the feeding time frequency. If you feed once a day, change to twice a day.

4. Add warm water to their kibble. This can definitely increase the appeal and smell of the food to your dog and induce a better appetite to consume more.

5. Mix in some high grade canned food or human food provided its healthy and fresh

6. Satin ball treats can be an added snack that they love and are high in calories as well. For that recipe, feel free to go to our website

Remember, the most important thing is your dogs health. In any changes you make, make sure that your dogs health is at the forefront of whatever you decide to do. I hope this was helpful for you. Please share this blog and follow us on instagram at oldworldmastinos and at AmericanMolossus as well. I hope to meet you one day. God bless.

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