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Old World Perseus

Old World Perseus

at 3 years old

Sire of Old World Don Vito

Old World Perseus

at 2 years old

Old World Perseus

at 12 months

Old World Perseus

at 8 months

Old World Perseus

at 8 months

Old World Perseus

at 4 months

Old World Perseus

at 3.5 months

Old World Perseus

at 8 weeks

Old World Perseus

at 8 weeks

Parents below

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TDY Changs Lady


Click on either name to see additional pics and pedigree


Grandsire on Sires to Argo

Furio De La Bahia


Grandsire-Sire to Lady

Jeronimo De La Pineuca


GrandDam-Dam of Lady

TDY Chang Yokosuna

GrandDam-Argos Dam

Anacronismo Supertra

Great Grandsire/ Sire of Lady

World Champion Blanchos Zeus

Great Grandsire-Sire to Furio

Caos Di Fondo Anfossi

Great Grandsire-Sire of Supertra

Ernie Del Gheno

Great Grandsire/ Sire to Jeronimo

Nazionale Del Malapensiero

Great, Great Grandsire-Sire to Caos

World Champion Brigante Del Castellaccio

Great, Great Grandsire-Grandsire of Supertra

IT Chamoin Taison Della Grotta Azzurra

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