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We have an incredible Book in stores. Be sure to pick one up and share the news

Its titled Dog Breeding secrets

Click on the Dog Breeding Secrets photo to order below

Just $20.00 shipped for the soft cover

With 20 years experience in dog breeding, multiple discussions about dog breeding, apprenticeships, mentorships and having read multiple books, I decided to write a tell all book on all the secrets behind Dog breeding. Its a wonderful book. 

Home of the resurrected Ancient breed

Now called The American Molossus

Click to learn more about The American Molossus

Click here to see the biggest puppy in the world produced by Old World Molossus

Click here to see the most recent article on The American Molossus on MSN

Old world Molossus just completed an exclusive interview with the world renown author and TV host Eddie Rotten and Zombie Life

Check out the interview on the show with Dark Mountain Mastiffs below click on the icon

Old World Molossus formerly Old World Mastinos  The first Neapolitan Mastiff breeder to be featured on

Dogumentary TV

Old World Molossus formerly Old World Mastinos  Just featured in a new Video by the famous 818 concepts

Here's a trailer of the video

Old World Molossus formerly Old World Mastinos is very proud to have been one of the select few breeders featured in

The Dog Magazine

Above on the right was part of the feature with Young Don Vito. Work by Ewa Larsson

as well as being the feature article for the first time ever in

Nationally known Bully Magazine Stack'd Up

Old World Molosuss

and "THE DON" making history and being on the cover of this outstanding magazine

Available in stores August 20th 2016 or order direct at

818 Concepts Video featuring Old World Molossus

Check out 818 Concepts by clicking on the above link


Proud to have Old World Molossus interviewed on internets Dash radio by the Hound Squad. Airs Monday 6-12-2017 at 1PM PST


The American Molossus is the resurrected ancient guardian of antiquity from 7000 years ago. Before the Roman era and was used to create the Old English Mastiff and Neapolitan Mastiff.

These giant guardians are huge security blankets. The word that best describes them is Deterrent * a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something wrong.

If you're looking for a beast from antiquity, that will love, guard and defend your entire family, home and other animals yet will not attack without great reason and is a home body, you found it.


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