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Founder and Breeder of the resurrected  guardian of ancient Mesopotamia
The American Molossus

Returns a King

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Old World Sasquatch 12-11-2019 front_edi

NEW VIDEO by IWonder TV 

Featuring The American Molossus 







Old World Molossus

American Molossus

Makes German TV

Sasquatch staning 2 years 7-12-2019 pic

Old World Molossus

NEW VIDEO by Woof Woof TV Featuring The American Molossus 

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Old World Molossus

American Molossus New York Post 3-15-201

The American Molossus and Old World Molossus featured in the New York post

and as of 12-10-2020

Made front page and feature in Molosser World Magazine

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So proud that the American Molossus made the New York Post on 3-15-2019

California Museum of Ancient Art Jerome

Old World Molossus

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On 5-2-2019 Is was with great honor and pleasure  to meet Mr. Jerome Berman Owner, Director and curator of the California Museum of Ancient Art. We had the privilege of seeing different ancient artifacts such as ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus, the Ancient Sumerian Kudurru and an ancient clay statue of the ancient Molossus date around 1200-2000 BC. We had an amazing time and learned so much about the region, the ancient time, their Gods and how these ancient Molossus weren't just Guardians but were used in hospital areas as their saliva was thought to have healing powers. It is said that the Molossus were the Dogs of Gula the Goddess of Healing and when she was buried, there were up to 30 dogs buried with her.

Please check out the museum and donate at

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Old World Molossus




American Molossus now officially registered with all 5 of the above registrees.News and updates can be seen at

American Molossus

on Animal Watch TV

Breeder of the biggest puppy in the world

5000-2000 years BC, at a time much different than ours, it was a time where only the strong survived. A time where people were nomadic, barbaric and when they wanted land, riches, steel and even people they would just take it. A dark time and a time where people needed to have defense. They needed something that would protect the women and children left behind while men were hunting or at war. They needed comfort and peace of mind. They needed The Molossus.

The American Molossus is the resurrected ancient guardian  of antiquity. This giant close quarter guardian was brought back using the true descendants of the ancient breed. The historical close quarter guardian was created and bred by Man as far back as 2000-5000 BC in Sumer, Mesopotamia and Babylon. Later in Greece where the reference name "Nasaru Urbat" translated to Guard Dog of Death was changed to the Molossus and was used to protect the villages, people, children and other animals from predators and enemies. This huge guardian was bred to deter and guard. Unlike other dogs used for hunting or travel this dog was strictly for close quarter guarding as documented. They are referenced down to the ancient cropping of the large toes. This would certainly indicate the need for the dog to stay close.
These giant guard dogs were huge with thick, massive, powerful bodies with loose skin around the head and neck for protection. These dogs were huge and massive not to be confused with the Jennings dog and the Laconian Hound of Greece. They were black brindle in color to be difficult to see at night and very intimidating in the day. Their ears were cropped to minimize engagement weakness and to improve hearing for guarding purposes.. Perhaps  the best guarding dog in all of history by its long reign. This close quarter guardian was used throughout history the Sumerians, Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Kassites and ancient Greeks where they took on the name of the Molossus and then crossed bred and changed during the era of Alexander The Great 333-323 BC and during the Roman rise
753 BC-476 AD.
The ancient Molossus that was once the king of Guard dogs was cross bred to many other dogs over the centuries creating the Mastiff by crossing with a white shepherd dog and The Roman Colosseum dog known now as the Neapolitan Mastiff by crossing with a smaller fighting dog. Other crossings were done over the years creating many known breeds. This is where the term Molosser breeds come from as they are the descendants of the Molossus. The truest dogs in size and appearance were the Mastiff and Neapolitan Mastiffs and these were used to bring back the giant close quarter guardian. People for thousands of years needed a loyal giant guardian that would protect them, their home, children and animals but wouldn’t wander. They still do. This dog was needed and today this dog is back. I present to you, The American Molossus

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Founded in 1999

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Old World Molossus

Molossus statue

Sumer 2100 BC

Brooklyn Museum

Old World Molossus formerly Old World Mastinos  The first Neapolitan Mastiff breeder to be featured on

Dogumentary TV

Old World Molossus


From Animal Watch on Youtube

The Oldest Dog in the World?

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Old World Molossus

My daughter Maya with Old World Sasquatch

Sasquatch with Maleaha 6-2021.jpg

Old World Molossus

My Daughter Maleaha with

Old World Sasquatch

American Molossus 

Resurrected ancient breed

818 Concepts video

Pups 8 weeks

Further descriptions of the types of dogs found in Mesopotamia come from inscriptions such as one from the Ur III Period (2047 – 1750 BCE), describing large mastiff-like creatures coming into the city with their handlers, wearing thick collars and leashes that one can only guess were made of leather.

-All Mesopotamia

American Molossus pup Old World Tigris a

Old World Molossus

Old World Tigris

6 weeks


American Molossus pup

Old World Sasquatch

at 8 months vs a cop


Old World Molossus

American Molossus Old World Sasquatch 



Old World Zeba 8-2019.jpg

Old World Molossus

Old World Zeba

2 years



Old World Euphrates 8-11-2019.jpg

Old World Molossus

Old World Euphrates

2 years


Old World Molossus

The American Molossus is the resurrected ancient guardian of antiquity from 7000 years ago from ancient Sumer, Mesopotamia and Babylon. Before the Greek and Roman era and was used to create the Old English Mastiff and Neapolitan Mastiff.
These giant guardians are huge security blankets. The word that best describes them is Deterrent * a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something wrong.
If you're looking for a beast from antiquity, that will love, guard and defend your entire family, home and other animals yet will not attack without great reason and is a home body, you found it.
Produced by 
Marcus E Curtis
Founder of The American Molossus
Author of Dog Breedings secrets
Judge/ Handler ADF
Judge/ Handler USBR

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Sasquatch staning 2 years 7-12-2019 pic

Old World Molossus

Show Dog


Conscientious breeders strive to maintain those desirable qualities in their breed.

At the same time, they are always working to improve on what they have already achieved, and they do this by referring to the breed standard of perfection.


                                               - Marie A. Moore



Old World Molossuss breeding since in 1999

Old World Molossus

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