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Located in Southern California, Marcus  Curtis has established a worldwide recognized name, breeding Neapolitan Mastiffs since 1999 and The American Molossus since 2014. Marcus is the founder of the resurrected ancient Guardian and creator and owner of the Old World Molossus line, producer of US Champion Old World Sasquatch and his sire "THE DON" US Champion Old World Don Vito,  1 of the most sought after Neapolitan Mastiffs in the world. "THE DON" is the ideal extreme Neapolitan Mastiff and The foundation for The American Molossus and the producers of Old World Euphrates and Monstro The biggest puppies in the World, 3x Champion Old World Sasquatch, 2x Champion Old World Tigris, Champion Old World Chief and Champion Old World Max
If you are looking for an exceptional giant companion and close quarter guardian the resurrected ancient guardian of antiquity the American Molossus, there is none better than Old World Molossus. If you want the best, come to the Source! Marcus Curtis, Old World Molossus and the creators of the Original American Molossus.

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Monstro x Kishar pup pic 2 8 weeks.jpg

"The Atlantean Sword"

Basil Poledouris 

Puppies born from Old World Monstro and Old World Kishar



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